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Piano Solo

Motion One  

1998/2002, solo piano, 11 mins


2004, solo piano, 3 mins


Meditation at Bar Beach   

2007, solo piano, 21 mins

Nocturne in Halifax    

2008, solo piano, 6 mins


2009/2011, solo piano, 21 mins

Glass's Hour    

2012, solo piano, 8 mins


2013, solo piano, 6 mins

Nocturne of September    

2013, solo piano, 4'30 mins

Prayer for JFK    

2013, solo piano, 4 mins

Another Modern Love Waltz    

2013, solo piano, 3 mins

Commissioned by Nicolas Horvath

Five Waltzes Mélancolique    

2016-2021, solo piano, 30 mins

Commissioned by the Taree Eisteddfod 


2017, solo piano, 3 mins

Commissioned by Eva Frey for Gerard Willems 

Three Scenes from a Forgotten Movie   

2021, solo piano, 15 mins

Commissioned by NSW Music Teachers' Association 


Prayer for Ukraine   

2022, solo piano, 7 mins

Nostalgic Waltz   

2022, solo piano, 5 mins

private commission

Chamber - Instrumental 


Butterfly Fandango

2004, 2 Flutes, 3 mins

Score available at Wirripang Pty Ltd


2007, viola and piano, 8 mins


2007, string orchestra, 3 mins


2008, string quartet (2vls, vla, vc), 8 mins


2008, string ensemble, 4 mins


2012, piano trio (pf, vl, vc), 8 mins

Commissioned by the Strelitzia Ensemble


2013, cello and piano, 7 mins

Commissioned by the Strelitzia Ensemble


2013, flute (org. cello) and piano, 7 mins

When Days were Amber  

2013, solo guitar, 5'30 mins

Commissioned by Giuseppe Zangari

Intro and Dance

2014, oboe, cello, harp, 5'30 mins

Commissioned by the Manning Winter Festival


2014, flute and guitar (org. cello and piano), 7 mins

String Quartet  

2014, string quartet (2 vlns, vla, vc), 10 mins

Commissioned by the Strelitzia Ensemble



2023, flute, clarinet and bassoon, 5 mins

Private commission 


Bar Beach (Beyond the Sea)   

2007, solo piano and still image projections

Images: Allan Chawner

Solo piano work: Meditation at Bar Beach 


Fantasia in D minor K.397  (Completion) 

1999, New Completion to W.A.Mozart's

Fantasia in D minor K.397

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